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My partner and I travel full time in our van. And your site has enabled us to have respite during the cold winters, as well as to stretch out in beautiful homes with the company of darling pets when we are feeling a little cramped. We have been on the road for 3 years now and can't see us continuing without house sitting stints in between our travels. The travelling community in Aotearoa is quite big and at each park up we are meeting new people and sharing tales of our journeys. Kiwi House Sitters always come up and many that we meet take notes are are very interested to join for themselves. As well as this, when we visit out family along the way and tell them what we have been up to and where we have had the privilege to stay they are in disbelief that such opportunities are available out there. So thank you for unknowingly supporting our dream. Irene
I would just like to say a huge thankyou to you all. I've had a wonderful time looking after many beautiful homes and pets and meeting lovely people. You offer a great service. Jo
Kia ora, I’ve been with y’all for 30 months, at first idea was, upon returning home from 40 years overseas I’d have places to go and see tween visits with Family. First year found I really enjoyed animals as years at sea fulltime, no pets! With refs accumulating I’ve been busy with housesits ever since, have a whole new range of friends etc. No rent bills, no vet bills, no electricity bills, perks! I only have my pension and small camper and live the life of Reilly! So- THANKYOU!!!! Ian
We have been housesitting in NZ for 2 years now. Kiwi House sitters are by far the best housesitting site. There format works the best and it’s free for home owners. You don’t need to pay for housesitting, just ask applicants for police checks and you will be getting the same sitters homeowners pay for on other sites. They have an enormous amount of housesitting jobs available and it’s so easy to navigate there website. Keep up the great work. Regards Chris Chris
Thank you Kiwi House Sitters!! You are an awesome team, and provide a fantastic platform for introducing homeowners and house sitters. It is a fantastic, informative, easy to use website, along with your support if needed. You are always quick to respond! It is thanks to your team for introducing me to some wonderful pet and house sitting opportunities via your website. I have been a member for many years now, and have loved all my pet and house sits, along with some fabulous locations and inspirational environments, pets, people and new communities!!. It has transformed and broadened my outlook and sense of place. There is a delightful element of adventure, and intrigue just as to where i may end up house sitting next time, and what adorable pets i will be spending time with. You are worth your weight in gold! Thankyou!! Anne Louise
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work you are doing. I got my gigs from your website and word of mouth, and for the first year it was your website only. The direct contact between housesitters and people looking for it, the ease of use of the website, etc, are amazing. So big thank you... while I am very happy to start a new chapter in life I will miss housesitting too! Many thanks. Roseline
Just wanted to say Thank You for running such a user-friendly and enjoyable service. My husband and I house-sat both in Melbourne and NZ continually for 2.5 years. We are pleased to say we met some lovely people, enjoyed some beautiful pets and lived in some great homes - all while saving to buy our own home. We've now acheived this goal! We now recommend house-sitting to everyone and will continue to do it on a holiday basis. Thanks again! Jules
I am full of praise for everyone at Kiwi Housesitters. You feel like family. My husband fell 5m out of a tree two weeks after we moved back to New Zealand to settle. Unable to work we were recommend to join this wonderful network. We have stayed in the most wonderful locations from the Far North to Coromandel. We have met so many beautiful people and had the most memorable winter of our lives. What could have been a dark period for us became a journey that lead us to a new beginning in the Bay of Islands where 6 months later we found the job of our dreams. We are eternally grateful. Sue & Sam
I would like to give Kiwi House Sitters an endorsement now and that is to say that this has been the most wonderful experience for me while I have been visiting NZ for the last 12 months. I have looked after some gorgeous homes in beautiful locations, for great people and friendly little pets into the bargain. I would fully recommend your site and my family here have been absolutely amazed with the experience I have had through your site. Once again thank you. Regards, Sharon
I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you how much success I have had through the Kiwi House Sitters Site. I spend a great deal of time in Australia and my partner and business is there, however, my family friends and consulting business is in Auckland. When I know I am coming home, I look for a house sitting assignment. Having a home rather than a hotel room, or staying with friends or family is ideal. I can work, I have my independence and I get to visit and spend time with my friends, and most of all my parents who are now in their eighties. Apart from the occasional house sit during the year, I always look for and secure a great place to stay over the Christmas holidays. Taking care of their precious fur babies is a small price to pay for the freedom of having somewhere to call home, even if only for a short time. Thank you for the great service that you and the team provide. Michelle
I love using the KiwiHousesitters website. This site makes it so easy to detail my availabilty as a sitter, to make contact with homeowners, and to discuss potential sits. I have used the site for almost a year now, and will very happily continue to do so for some time to come. Kate
I am forever telling home owners & other interested sitters how easy to use & well run Kiwi House Sitters is. My sister & I both found it suited our needs when moving. I was able to explore communities, get to know neighbours, make friends & settle on an area I wanted to live in. I'm appreciative of how it helps bring people closer together. Pam
Your website is great and I have had loads of really great pet sits, it gave me a whole new life and I am so grateful. Julie
I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of your wonderfully-ran organization and have gotten many lovely housesits off your site. Thanks to KiwiHousesitters for making my stay extra special. ReAnn
I just wanted to say a big thank you to Kiwihouse sitters. I am returning to NZ this year for the third consecutive year. I will be sitting for 3 clients, two for the second year running and one for the third year running. All through Kiwihouse sitters. So thank you for such great opportunities. Lynn
I have really enjoyed House & Pet sitting & your firm has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Your staff have always been extremely pleasant & helpful & I am very sorry to be giving it all up. What a wonderful way of spending my retirement years. It truly was one of the most enjoyable things I have done. I met some wonderful owners & their pets, it was great. My only disappointment was, I didn't know about House & Pet sitting earlier. Thank you all very much once again, it was such a pleasure dealing with you all. Merna
We have certainly enjoyed our experiences and think that the service you kindly provide is simply marvellous. Your website is superb and so easy to follow, very user-friendly indeed. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful house-sitting opportunities for sitters like ourselves. It's been a delight to use your service and has helped us enormously with accommodation as we have been waiting for our building project to reach its completion. Many thanks for creating Kiwi House Sitters! Gerry and Don
In total you guys are doing a great job with this website. We found a lot a wonderful house sits and met so many interesting people and adorable pets. Nancy
I had a great time in New Zealand and your website made it possible and so easy to find suitable house sits while there. Thank you for a well run, easy to use website. Debra
Just want to say thanks for the effort you do. And the websites really easy to use. Good advice and it's nicely presented. I was only registered last month and have a place to house sit. Thanks guys. Have a great day. Sonya
Hi I have really enjoyed being a member of Kiwi Housesitters - I have met such lovely people and pets and stayed in some very interesting homes ... THANK YOU for being there, Kiwi HouseSitters! All the very best to you for the EXCELLENT service you provide to pets, their owners and house sitters :) It is so much better for pets to be cared for in their own homes! Warmest Wishes :) Kathleen & Mike
Hi guys, Thanks for providing such a fantastic platform for connecting home owners & sitters - we've meet some awesome people and been lucky enough to spend time in some really special parts of the country we wouldn't have otherwise. Andrea
Six happy months in NZ and three housesits found through the site. Many thanks. Merlin
I now have secure accommodation in a lovely coastal area, hopefully long term. I want say many thanks for your service with this website, it was a great experience for me to meet new people and I have maintained a friendly relationship with several home owners and dogs! Returning to sit regularly for some locals is for sheer pleasure. I have recommended your site to many others, again many thanks and warm wishes for your future success. Patricia Annabell
We just wanted to thank you for the great opportunities we had last year to explore new places, meet new people and look after some great pets. Kind regards Doug and Joan
Thank you people for such a good site. I have done some amazing sits in NZ. Leigh
I'm just wanting to say a big thank you for making the profiles readable without signing up for membership. I have a friend from Spain coming to visit NZ. As I'm doing all the research for her, it was easy to suss it out as I could read the full profiles and I just wanted to say a big thank you for making my life easier helping out a friend! just wanted you to know that you're doing a great job and to keep it up! Anita
Fully booked with house sits until September 2015, through your wonderful website. Have recommended your site to home owners and possible sitters. Alison
I have enjoyed meeting some lovely and very interesting people when sitting and looking after various pets, this past year. Thank you for the wonderful memories! Wendy
Please can you take down my sitter profile as I have landed a one and half year house sit. Many thanks. Cheers, Lorraine
Hi there! Been listed for 2 days and have been already contacted twice by homeowners. We are very impressed. Keep up the good work. Simon and Jess
Hi. I would like to say that we were registered with 3 house sitting sites and found kiwi house sitters the most productive by a long shot. We house sat for nearly 9 months. Thanks for your support. Best regards Vicki and John
Hi, we are very impressed with the kiwihousesitters website. We have done 2 longterm housesits now & all parties have been happy. Sue
Have already been contacted for a house sitting position and I've only been listed 2 days! Really happy. Tracey
We have had a great response from kiwihousesitters and have secured five housesits in the last year. Everyone is very friendly. People treat the site in a professional manner which is reassuring for all. Sharon & Brent
As always I am so impressed by the way in which you folks respond to my questions...thank you so are absolutely brilliant in regard to product and service! T.C.
I returned home two years ago after 40 years away. I thought housesits would be cool to get around the country and see long lost family and or friends that may still be alive! It has become the most incredible lifestyle, fulltime. I have many repeats and new friends/owners far and wide. Pets range from Alpacas to Pigs, so far! Housesits just another word for bein’ FREE! Again THANKYOU Ian
We are thoroughly enjoying our housesits and are booked until Dec with only a couple of days between sits allowing us time to get to the next place. We've met wonderful people and pets and are loving this temporary lifestyle while we decide where we want to live permanently, so a huge thank you for offering this great service to both parties. Tilly
I have very much enjoyed meeting all those nice people and have made some wonderful friends. I wish you all the best and thank you for giving me an opportunity to brighten up my life. Christina
I have thoroughly enjoyed being a sitter and have made some great friends with both the pets and their owners. Kiwi House Sitters offer a tremendous service, and operate it in a most efficient manner. Heather
Thanks very much for your quick reply. Well, I have to add the the following …you answered all my questions. I have to admit that’s unfortunately rare for organisations these days, often an automatic response is the only reply. So, good on you! Stefan & Naomi
Hi there, Just to say, "thanks very much" for all the sits we have been able to do via your website ~ very satisfactory indeed. I have recommended your site to a friend and she has been very happy with the results they have had. Have a wonderful New Year and thanks again, Liz and Rob
Just want to say how great the experience was. Three maybe 4 great places! Easy, safe, convenient, free and also made some friends for life. Thanks! Caddie
Thank you for the opportunity to be able to house/pet sit all over the country, made some good friends on the way, but the time has come for me to resign my membership - The years are passing and have several local contacts to keep me busy. Thanks again - I have passed your name onto to family and friends. Judith
We were travelling around New Zealand for four months and found housesitting for about 80% of the time, using your wonderful website. We loved it for many reasons, not least because it saved us a lot of money. But also, it was fun to live like the locals, have companion animals to share our time with, meet interesting and lovely people, have all the mod cons, including Internet (as I was working part-time remotely) and the list goes on. I have checked out a few international housesitting websites and this one shines above them all for design and functionality. Thank you Kiwi House Sitters for providing such a wonderful service. You helped make our holiday in New Zealand far surpass our wildest expectations. Brenda & Richard
We just wanted to say how impressed we are with your website and ease of navigating the site and entering information, uploads etc. Good stuff !! Steve & Jackie
What a wonderful life I am leading since joining Kiwi Housesitters a year ago, thankyou so much for the opportunity that changed my life around after losing my beloved husband...... Margaret
Hi, I have recently joined your website and I just need to tell you that it is very well organised and presented, compared with similar websites. It is easy to use and straight forward. Thanks, Stefanie
Hi Guys, Just thanking you, your site is well catered, for both owner and sitter. After registering only a short month ago, I am happy to report back, we secured a sit, and in the right area, Taupo. Cheers, David
I have been a member of Kiwi Housesitters for a year. During that time I have made more than 4 bookings via the site. I totally recommend it as good value for anyone wanting to housesit in New Zealand. It is easy to make connection with the prospective client. For my most recent application (successful), I created a word document, with photos, contact details and a reference. Best wishes Janice
Just want to let you know how pleased I have been with the Kiwi Housesitters service and website. It has been extremely useful and successful for me. I registered on it as a sitter, seeking housesitting opportunities in Dunedin, and had a very suitable offer within a short time (a couple of weeks). Then while on the first housesit, I was contacted again by another homeowner, offering me another longish housesit that was also very suitable and convenient. Following that I was offered a third long term sit, this time through someone I met in person during my second sit, rather than directly through the website, however I wouldn't have met that person or had that opportunity, if I hadn't already got started on the housesitting adventure through Kiwi Housesitters. I found the website easy and convenient to use, and experienced helpful and prompt replies from Kiwi Housesitters on the few occassions when I had queries for them. I would definitely use the Kiwi Housesitters website service again if I was looking for housesitting opportunities, and would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you! Maureen
I have had 5 fabulous sits and am booked up until Dec '13 seeing parts of NZ I am unfamiliar with, thanks to this website, sincerely, Alison
We love - Thank you for a wonderful site. We are now in discussions with a homeowner about final arrangements. Kind regards Len and Rhondda
My partner and I have been listed as a housesitter with kiwihousesitters since June 2012. We have been extremely happy with the service as we have had consistent housesitting jobs offered to us since then...with only a few gap weeks here and there over the entire year. We are now booked through the beginning of October and feel confident that kiwihousesitters will continue to provide me with excellent leads for quality housesitting situations in the future. Thank you for providing such a valuable service! Sally
Thanks you so much for all your help over the last few months. We have had 3 very successful house sits thanks to you. Kind regards, Trish and David
We have been with Kiwihouse Sitters for 4 years and can not say enough good things about this super, professionally run site. We no longer need to house sit as we are building our own home but take with us many happy memories of the wonderful people and pets we have met over the years. We can not recommend this site highly enough to anyone looking for a house sitter or anyone wanting to house sit. Paul and Deirdre
Thank you so much for your website. It has been great. We've had at least 6 housesits from it, over the last 2 years. We did a housesit in Alexandra, and liked it so much, we bought a house!! We have really enjoyed the freedom and lifestyle housesitting has given us and have made some great new friends in the process. Thanks again. Loretta and Andrew
Hi there. When we registered with Kiwi Housesitters we wondered how it would work out for us. Since April we have been busy with three housesits, and have met some lovely people who have wanted to get away for a holiday and know that their home and pets were being looked after. Thankyou for your site, and the opportunity to explore whether living South or North Island is for us. John and Sue
We have loved being a part of Kiwi House Sitters. It's such a busy site we were getting inundated with requests. We have had two very successful housesits and would like to thank you for the scheme and for allowing us to a part of it. We will definitely recommend the site to friends and colleagues. Kind regards Rachel and Ray
The meeting with the homeowners in Dairy Flat went well and we now have house sits arranged taking us up to 4th September. We are finding your website excellent. Many thanks for your help. Kind regards, Trish
Have to thank you for having such a great site....we have had some fabulous house sits ranging from a 40 acre horse farm to a B&B in Feilding and a villa in Devonport. We are already booked to return to the horse farm next year. Will definitely register again next October when we return from Canada! Regards, Paul and Deirdre
Just want to say thank you for the past 12 months. We have had several house sits and met many lovely people. Keep up the good work. Delila
Thanks Kiwi Housesitters for such a friendly and professional service. And added bonus - free service for house owners but plenty of house sits for the sitters. Every ones happy. I have done a few housesits with you guys already :-) Sabrina
I actually need you to take down my house sitting profile from the list as I am booked up house sitting for the next 12 months. This is awesome! I am amazed at the number of home owners who have contacted me through your website. I will definitely re-join down the track sometime - cheers! Bree
Have had a lovely house sit for 3 months in Christchurch. Cosy home, adorable pets (3 cats, 1 bird) and now I can say I am good friends with the homeowners. They have invited me back here for Christmas, both to spend time with them and to mind their place while they shoot over to Australia. Thank you for this opportunity you have given me. Regards, Shona
Thanks Kiwi housesitters. We've just landed a 6 month house sitting stint in Mt Eden. The owners have an adorable cat and a wonderful home. We really appreciate your system :-) Tina and Paul
We have had 2 successful house-sits both in Auckland. We think the house sitting concept is great and that the website is very user-friendly. Cheers for now :-) Lorna
Been registered for 3 months and have 2 house sitting jobs already. This is quite a surprise as we haven't had any house sitting experence in the past but your homeowners seem very lovely and willing to trust us on our references. Keep it up :-) Donna & Mike
Landed our second house sitting job yesterday and this will take us up to the end of the year. Being retired and having family in NZ this is absolutely perfect for us. We are thinking of house sitting when we get back to Australia next year also. We like the adverture of traveling this way. We thank you very much. Regards, Goeff & Minni
Nice new look for your website. Easy to navigate too. House sitting has never been so easy - cheers! Helga
Dear Kiwihousesitters. Hi, I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of Kiwihousesitters and having the opportunity to care for people's homes and animals while they are away. Yours sincerely Alison